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May 5th week 2017

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“The best cure for the body is a Quiet Mind and the best cure for the Quiet Mind is “Never Mind” Always look for What’s Wrong before looking Who’s Wrong”

Java Script Object Notation

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JSON is evolving as one of the best open format for data interchange for all purposes. One can use JSON for storing any kind of data, client server exchange of data or for creating configuration file. It has already challenged XML from its current leadership position for similar purpose. It

Java Programming Challenge – Level 1

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This course is based on an innovative education technique called “Challenge Learning”. In this technique problems are presented to you first and then you are given a specific time to solve those problems. After that you are given the solutions that is bound to resolve all your expected doubts. In

C++ Basics – As Soon As Possible

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C++ is one of the most popular and most complete programming language which is not only a major enhancement to the language C, but an enhancement which stood the test of time. The current course aims at teaching this course to a novice user in a way that from the

Memory Skills Improvement

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Some people think that good memory is a phenomenon of young age. Let us break this myth and learn the tricks that can make a person enjoy the benefits of good memory in every age. Believe that brain never ages, unless their is a specific disease. In fact, even the

Diabetes Diary

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This app provides a handy way to store fasting, pp and randon sugar readings of an individual and then see a comparitive report.

Nutrition Limits

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This android app to helps you plan abalanced diet on a daily basis . This appilcation is based on RDA (Recommended Dietary allowance) given by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research as per new guidelines released in 2010. These calculations are based on the formula for BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) with related PAL(Physical Activity Level) applied.

Cal.2 Eat

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Here is an android app to find out how many calories you should eat everyday to maintain, loose or gain weight. This application is based on RDA Recommended Dietary allowance) given by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research as per new guidelines released in 2010.

UP Batteries, Lucknow

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A unique application was developed for this client to track the batteries they get for the warranty claims. This tracking helps them save a lot of money they were losing due to duplicate and repeated claims.

Duromax Systems, Lucknow

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We have developed a Bill of Material and Production Planning tool for this client. This tool gives them the freedom to easily create data-sheets for mixing the epoxy compounds they manufacture. This software helps maintain full secrecy of the formula also. Sunmitra has also designed there website and it also maintains it since long.