Nutrition Limits


This android app to helps you plan a balanced diet on a daily basis . This appilcation is based on RDA (Recommended Dietary allowance) given by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research as per new guidelines released in 2010. These calculations are based on the formula for BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) with related PAL(Physical Activity Level) applied.

The Simplified Formulas for BMR as given by ICMR – RDA 2010 are as follows.

– BMR for Male (18-30) = 14.5 x body weight (Kg) +645
– BMR for Male (30-60) = 10.9 x body weight (Kg) +833
– BMR for Male ( >60  ) = 12.6 x body weight (Kg) +463

– BMR for Female (18-30) = 14 x body weight (Kg) +471
– BMR for Female (18-30) = 8.3 x body weight (Kg) +788
– BMR for Female ( >60 ) = 10.0 x body weight (Kg) +565

To find calorie need per day we multiply the above BMR with PAL (Physical Activity Level) multiplier which is as follows
– For Sedentary Work = 1.53
– For Moderate Work = 1.80
– For Heavy Work = 2.30

The value obtained by multiplication of BMR and PAL is the recommended Calorie Needs Per Day to maintain weight of a person.

To get Nutrients like Carbohydrate, Protien and Fat we follow the following thumb rule.

Carbohydrate Intake – 50-60% of Calories we take in daily diet.
Protein Intake – 10-15 % of Calories we take in daily diet (This will come slightly higher than 1g/kg minimum recommended intake)
Fat Intake – 20-30 % of Calories we take in daily diet (This should account for both visible and invisible fat)

Invisible fat is one which is inseparable component in foods we take in form of bread, milk, fruit, vegetables, non-veg items.
Visible fat is the one that we add externally while preparing a food recipe, such as addition of oil in coooking, butter on toast etc.


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