Multi level course to learn GW-Basic / Q-Basic at school level.

GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-1
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • Hello world printing
  • Commands (PRINT, NEW, CLS, LIST, SYSTEM)
  • Adding 2 No.
  • Adding 2 Strings
  • Use of Operators ( +,-,*,/)
  • Commands (INPUT, EDIT)
  • Output writing
  • Problem solving with “;”, “,”, “:” and Tab
  • Command (USING [“!”,”\\”, “##”])
  • Simple Pattern printing using PRINT
  • Command s (LEFT$(), RIGHT$())
  • LEFT$(), RIGHT$() practice
  • FOR-NEXT loop
  • IF statement
  • GOTO
  • Exercises (Area of Rectangle, Exponent evaluating, BODMAS)
  • Exercises (Area of circle)
  • Exercises (Finding Square and Cube, Centigrade to F conversion)
  • Exercises (Printing ODD and even digits using Step with for loop)


GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-2
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • LINE Command,
  • Making Triangle using LINE Command
  • Use of SCREEN Keyword with different screen
  • CIRCLE command
  • Creating circle in Rectangle
  • Line Command with BF (Filled Box)
  • Commands (INKEY$, COLOR, LOAD)
  • Multiple input from user
  • VAL() method
  • Print Square and Cube of digits using ‘^’
  • String$() method
  • Methods (SQR(),SPC(),STRING$())
  • Nested For-Next Loop
  • Saving program as ascii
  • If-Then-else with complex problem
  • Integer Average, Store Length checking
  • Exercises (Area of circle, Triangle, Square, Perimeter of Rectangle, Triangle, Square,)
  • Practice of Left$(), Right$(), VAL() method
  • Practice of printing Student name and Marks in Highest to lowest


GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-3
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • Print Using #.##
  • Calculate sum of user inputs using IF and FOR
  • Methods (RND(),SWAP(),KEY OFF)
  • Randomize Timer
  • Array filling, Array Printing
  • LIST command with options, EDIT Command with options
  • Practice exercise of Array filling, printing and swapping values
  • Printing Array in Ascending or descending order
  • Practice Exercise of TAB and KEY OFF (Biodata Printing)
  • Exercise (Take student name, marks as input and sort it on marks in descending order)
  • DATA-READ command
  • Formula based programs
  • Practice Exercise of LEFT$(), RIGHT$(), LEN(), SPC() methods
  • Practice Exercises (Program to Find ‘I’ in India, Program to Find ‘A’ in Saturday)


GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-4
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • Table Printing Using For loop and Tab()
  • Practice Exercise (Finding No of Bricks in wall with fix Wall breath, User Given Wall breath and User given Brick dimensions.)
  • GOSUB with Return
  • Methods(SQR(),Date$, Time$, TRON,TROFF, CINT(), FIX(), Paint)
  • Practice Exercise to calculate volume using For-next and If-Than-Else
  • WHILE-WEND loop
  • Error handling using ON ERROR GOTO
  • Practice Exercise to Calculate No of calories burnt in Climbing
  • Practice Exercise to calculate required cloth per person.
  • Practice of Read Data Methods
  • Practice Exercise to find Student ranking using WHILE-WEND and FOR-NEXT
  • Practice Exercise to find Prime No.
  • Array Sorting using WHILE-WEND, FOR-NEXT and SWAP
  • Practice Exercise of Breakfast item selection using READ DATA, IF, LEFT$, FOR-NEXT
  • Practice Exercise of Checkbook Program
  • Practice Exercise for Palindrome checking


GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-5
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • Practice Exercise (Use of LEFT$(), RIGHT$() with user’s choice to find left or right.)
  • Exercise (Creating menu for music selection)
  • Practice Exercise for menu making using locate, running multiple programs
  • Practice Exercise (use of ASC(CH$), CHR$(ASCII) command to print Till Z (user input character till z))
  • Practice Exercise (Finding initials)
  • Commands (CSRLIN, POS(0))
  • Commands (DRAW, PSET, VARPTR$())
  • Practice Exercise (Finding currency of note)
  • Revision of binary conversion, LEFT$, RIGHT$, MID$
  • Practice Exercise (Quarter Square table printing)
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Fibonacci Series with user input
  • Practice Exercise (Finding Voting Percentage of city)
  • Conversion of lower to upper case and vice versa


GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-6
Delivered in 15 Days.

  • Practice Exercises and Advanced Programming