Multi level course to learn webdesigning with the help of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) fundamentals and then graduating slowly towards advanced concepts in HTML 5 and CSS 3.

 Web Designing Level-1
Delivered in 15 Hrs (1 Hour daily/alternate days or 3 days seminar form).

  • Simple Pages on notepad Editor
  • html, head, title, body,  p, h1..h6, a, img, br, hr, b, i, u tags
  • concept of div and spans/ concepts of Elements and attributes
  • basics of CSS
  • Lists (unordered, ordered), changing list bullets/order markers.
  • Font styling
  • Table Basics (th,tr,td and properties)
  • Margin, Padding concepts
  • Using HTML entities/symbols.
  • HTML blockqotes, code, comments etc.
  • Basics of using color attributes.
  • Cocepts of putting third party images/Image formats theory)
  • Creating own images using basic image editors.
  • Creating a Multipage Site Project using Microsoft Expression Web.
  • Project ploading to a live webserver.
  • Free webspace for 6 months


Web Designing Level-2
Delivered in 15 Hrs.

  • HTML vs XHTML understanding.
  • CSS class and ID concepts in details
  • Using external style sheets
  • Concepts of Colours in details
  • Javascript Basics.
  • Doctype, namespace, meta tags concepts.
  • Putting using HTML5 and OBJECT techniques.
  • Youtube Videos
  • Concepts of using readymade templates
  • Iframes
  • Using external js files
  • elements in head (base, link, meta, style, script>
  • Charset concepts in HTML. Writing in vernacular languages.
  • Practice of printing Student name and Marks in Highest to lowest


Webdesigning Level-3 and 4 combined
Delivered in 30 Hrs.

  • Advanced template based designing.
  • Using templates based on jQuery.
  • Using Facebook/Twitter/Slideshare Plugins.
  • Creating  Feedback Forms.
  • Learning to create images using Advanced Graphics Tools.
  • HTML canvas concepts.
  • HTML cookies concepts.
  • Page calls using query strings
  • DOM (Document Object Model) based scripting.
  • Creating Email Templates.