A bunch of like-minded friendly people’s organisation who came together in the year 2009 and created this unique organisation called Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited.

Great Organisations are backed by great ideas and great people. Saying upfront that we are great and we have great ideas is not a part of our culture. We can just say it submissively that we evolved with an idea of making friendship the fundamental core value of education. To

To work for development and implementation of a educational service paradigm based on friendly and collaborative value systems that are well supported by modern technology tools. We shall also work for applying the ethical and friendly value exchange systems in all other sectors that we adopt for keeping our organisation

The team at sunmitra is an extremely cohesive group of people who have consciously decided to work for its mission. We try to model our team like a typical Indian family, where relationships are never compromised for individual goals. Still people achieve their dreams with the help of other members

We work at a peaceful place in the city of Lucknow, which is the capital town of the most populous state of India, called “Uttar Pradesh” which some people have aptly started calling as “Uttar Pradesh” or The Best State.

We serve you and intend to serve everyone like you. To be specific  –