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GM-101 - Blogging and Student Group Making.
- 12 Hours, Delivered in 6 Days Duration.
Google Blogger based Blogging (Includes add-on tools and multilingual blogging).
- Formation of Student Groups to communicate with all students together without creating spam mails. Allowing a place to post files and images.

GM-102 - E-Content Creation
- 12 Hours, Delivered in 6 Days Duration.
- Advanced Search Techniques for Material Preparation (Index, Directory, Metacrawler, Deepweb Searches).
- Google Scholar.
- Google Books.
- Use of Wikipedia.
- Fundamentals of Creating E-Books using Adobe Technology.
- Creating Online/ Offline Tests.

GM-103 - E-Content Delivery
- 12 Hours, Delivered in 6 Days Duration.
- Creating Files for Universal Delivery.
- Use of LCD Projector and LCD TV.
- Use of Laptop.
- Use of Magnetic Board.
- Use of Wireless Internet Dongle.

GM-104 - Website Creation
- 20 Hours, Delivered in 10 Days Duration.
- Website using Google Sites technology.
- Creating own Web-pages using HTML and FrontPage.
- How to buy a domain name.
- Use of FTP to upload site.

GM-105 - Audio/Video Techniques For Teachers
- 12 Hours, Delivered in 6 Days Duration.
- Youtube account creation, channel creation, video upload, online subtitling.
- Windows Movie Maker (Photo Slide Movies, Video Editing, Audio Synchronization).
- Media Player & Sound editing.

GM-106 - Presentation Master
- 12 Hours, Delivered in 6 Days Duration.
- Basic Powerpoint shows (Layouts, Designs, Transitions).
- Advance Skills (Master page, Color Schemes, Animations, Movies & Sounds).
- Show settings.
- Converting Powerpoint to video, Web, Images or PDF.
- Notes, Outline & Print setting.

- 10% discount when you book more than one course(s) together.





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