Educational Programmes

Plusmitra Series

Positive Energy workshops for human enrichment. Things like Positive Thinking, Success, Motivation, Time Management, Memory Improvement, Attitude Correction, Stress Management, Concentration Improvement, Personality Development and Behavior Games.

Compumitra Series

Information Technology Programmes for career seekers, designers, children, home makers, senior citizens, corporate or any other IT Enthusiast. Following main programme groups are:

ANDROID Android courses (Foundation and Career Maker) are targeted for learners who have programming skills in any language and are interested in joining the mobile/tablet application development industry.

ASP.NET course (For Web Application Development) is Targeted for BTech, MCAs for completing their skills required for typical development jobs.

JAVA Multi level course to enter the world of java for learners at school level as well as at professional level.

C++ Course specially design for CBSC students.

GW-Basic \ Q-Basic Multi level course to learn GW-Basic \ Q-Basic at school level .

PHP You can learn PHP at Sunmitra from the very beginner level to a professional level.

Web-Designing Create your own site within 1st 15 days then move on to professional web design for a bright career.

Internet and Basic Computing for all  enthusiasts of all age groups. Courses specially designed for Children, Home makers (Housewives) and Senior Citizen are also available.

Corel and Photoshop Are available for career seekers in the area of computer designing.

Financial Accounting Are available for career seekers in the area of Accounting.

Lakshyamitra Series

Programmes to improve speed for appearing in various competitive entrance examinations like CAT, NTSE, NDA, CDS, Bank PO, Olympiad etc.


Programmes to train the educators for generic training skills of using internet or other modern pedagogic tools or to develop subject oriented training skills.


These are Programmes on developing knowledge about languages such as Urdu, French, German, English etc.


In this series we run courses related to various Health and Nutrition education topics. Our Aromatherapy Programs also run under this banner.




Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited is a new age education and technology company registered with Government of India as a public limited company. This company has been created to serve the education sector with the help of latest technological innovations. The strong belief behind creating such a service is not really the machine based aspect of service but the human aspect of it. This explains its unique name 'Sunmitra' where the 'Sun' represents the technique to spread knowledge and 'Mitra' adds the property of spreading knowledge in the friendliest way.

The company has been promoted by experienced managers and engineers from top colleges of India. It has all elements like Man, Mind and Money which a professionally managed business entity should have . Although for 'Sunmitra' kind of organisation degrees or money power matter far less than the power of thoughts and power of dreams.

Primary objectives of our organisation are:

The guiding force.

The real guiding force for us is our star "The sun", who has been burning for ever to provide life to our systems. The moment we think of sun, the words that come to our mind are 'Energy', 'Radiation', 'Spreading', 'Rays', 'Centre' etc. Just think again don't these things relate to educators. Educators are people who keep on spreading the energy to the right kind of recipients and are the centre of the thought process of their pupils for ever. Yes we do understand that you have already got the answer to the question "from where does this word "Sunmitra" comes from.


Student Teacher Team
We don't claim ourselves to be experts in the area, but we start reaching the heights of excellence, the moment we team-up with our students. We believe that an aspiring learner's conglomerate is a self emissive hub of knowledge.

Best Technology, Blended Learning
We invest in technology for the purpose of providing sharper mind tools. Our Labs are full of best in the class computers, LCD TVs and Projectors, Latest kind of pedagogic gadgets, ultra fast network, but we don't let the technology rule us and we believe that human beings are still the best educational gadgets a learner can get. So, we provide best faculty support for learners both in theory and Lab sessions.

Focus On Employer Usability
Our Training system has not been designed for acquiring certification. It ensures that when you walk out of our premises, you know the subject and you are a ready material for serving the industry or mankind in a larger perspective.

New Age Academic Delivery
We have a credit system based Lab-Check List to ensure you pass through every exercise. We have Lab guidance presentations and Theory presentation that are delivered by faculty and are also available for view during the Lab.

Collaborative Reference
We also collect Lot of Reference Material for online knowledge collaboration. We also encourage our students to create blogs and discussion forums.

Self Development
For every learner we conduct some kind of self development programmes either by organizing special lectures or by practical participation in self development events. We persuade a learner for an attitude transformation mechanism, so that he also becomes a knowledge centre for others.



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