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Cal 2 Eat

Here is an android app to find out how many calories you should eat everyday to maintain, loose or gain weight. This application is based on RDA Recommended Dietary allowance) given by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research as per new guidelines released in 2010.

Nutrition Limits

This android app to helps you plan abalanced diet on a daily basis . This appilcation is based on RDA (Recommended Dietary allowance) given by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research as per new guidelines released in 2010. These calculations are based on the formula for BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) with related PAL(Physical Activity Level) applied.

Diabetes Diary

This app provides a handy way to store fasting, pp and randon sugar readings of an individual and then see a comparitive report.

Super Interest Calculator

This app is a decent way to calculate interest an any a kind of deposit or loan on daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis in a compound or simple form.

Desktop Products


A bill material creation ERP kind of application which has been designed to create materials after a person selects either the assembly level requirement or the product level requirement. Currently this product is being used in creation of adhesive mixtures industry. It can be customised to suit any industry.


This application supports a friendly system of handling service claims. It is being used in the management of batteries and is saving lacs of rupees every year by cross checking if the duplicate claim is not done.

Web Products


This is a flagship product available as an online portal . We wish to revolutionize online education by allowing instructors to put content that can be dynamically culled from existing sites like youtube, slideshare, google docs etc or it can find its own place on this portal and then finally integrated as sessions, courses, programs and academies. An overall idea can be had by looking at this presentation


Everyone has nostalgic feeling about his school or college. Here is a web-based system that allows to collect database of alumni and then handle re-unions. A site of monereco alumni is being run using this application. the link is

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