Managing Director

He is a rare species by his education. An electronic engineering graduate, A doctor of naturopathy and Aromatherapy and also a business management professional. He believes in principle of Life long Learning and keeps breaking his head in learning new natural and behavioral languages along with computer languages. Prior to establishing “Sunmitra”, he has earlier served industry both in govt. (ISRO, UPTRON) and private (UPTEC) sector. After implementing his entrepreneurial style of functioning even when he was working for others, he one day decides that let that “others” be you (you means customers) directly and his vision of customer as the first friends gave birth to this outfit aptly named as Sumitra, “Sun” from center of universe, our star or it may also be deemed to be originated from first three letters of the name “Sunil” and “mitra” from its english meaning as friend.  His personal website can be seen at, a unique domain he owns from past seventeen years.