Tally 9 – Delivered in 1 Month Duration. – Basics of Accounting. – Ledger Creation. – Account Grouping. – Different Types of Vouchers. – Credit/Debit Principles. – Balance Sheet. – Profit/Loss Statement. – Creating and reading other statistical reports. – Printing of Vouchers/Statements etc.. – Many other tips and tricks.

Web Application Development Courses using Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology Request Brochure   View a Sample Theory Class (608KB PDF)  View a Sample Lab Class (973KB PDF) CM 103 Career Foundation Duration : 50 Hours (Covered in 2 Months, Regular Study Mode*) (Covered in 1 Months, Fast Track Mode**) Target Audience: This course

Download Pdf Brochure        Request For Fee Detail    Android JumpStart – Delivered in 6-8 Days (1 hour per day). Introduction Android SDK Setup ADT-Environment + 1st Java Program Android Emulator First Android Program Android Application Fundamentals Basic UI Elements (TextView, EditText, Buttons) Project 1: My Website Webpointer Using Webview Project 2:

You can learn PHP at Sunmitra from the very beginner level to a professional level. PHP Level-1 – Delivered in 15 Days. PHP Introduction Installation and Usage and First Program Understanding Your Webserver Basic Syntax, Variables, Scope Variable Data Types and Constants PHP Operators String Concatenation and Escape Sequences String

IMAGE MASTERS:  Courses on Corel and Photoshop Request Brochure CM-301 – Corel Draw – 25 Hours, Delivered in 1 Month Duration. – Basics of Vector and Bitmap imagery. – Learning all Tools of Coreldraw. – Providing Effects. – Concept of Colours. – File Preparation for printing. – File Preparation for

Multi level course to learn GW-Basic / Q-Basic at school level. GW-Basic / Q-Basic Level-1 – Delivered in 15 Days. Hello world printing Commands (PRINT, NEW, CLS, LIST, SYSTEM) Adding 2 No. Adding 2 Strings Use of Operators ( +,-,*,/) Commands (INPUT, EDIT) Output writing Problem solving with “;”, “,”,

Multi level course to enter the world of java for learners at school level as well as at professional level.   JAVA Level-1 -Delivered in 15 Days. Java Introduction Installing JDK First program Elements of Java Programming Quiz, Exercises, String and int type variables Basic program operator Branching OOPS Theory

Multi level course to learn webdesigning with the help of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) fundamentals and then graduating slowly towards advanced concepts in HTML 5 and CSS 3.  Web Designing Level-1 – Delivered in 15 Hrs (1 Hour daily/alternate days or 3 days seminar form). Simple Pages on notepad